Qingming 2020 Event Cancelled | 清明节活动取消



Rookwood General Cemetery understands the significance of the Qingming Festival to our Chinese community. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we request that visitors to Rookwood during this memorial period should follow the restrictions put in place by the NSW Government.

From 31 March, 2020, the community must stay at home unless for essential activities, such as work, medical care, collection of essentials, and exercise. It is important that the community does not gather in public with more than 2 people except for members of the same household.

To safeguard Rookwood’s visitors; and as our employees are now working to strict rosters to ensure we can continue to deliver cemetery services, we must request the following restrictions during the Qingming Festival.

  • No animals of any kind
  • No fires or burning drums
  • No food or cooking facilities
  • No coloured paper or envelopes

The COVID-19 virus may be transmitted by many of the abovementioned items, which are often left around the cemetery following the festival.

We welcome flowers and incense in small receptacles.

Security guards and police will be onsite to provide guidance.

We thank you for your cooperation during this difficult time.

Rookwood General Cemetery



新法规规定从2020年3月31日起,除非从事生活必要活动, 社区人群必须待在家里。 必要活动包括:外出工作,出门就诊,外出购买生活必需品和锻炼身体。

另外,还需特别注意, 除同一家庭的成员以外, 社区中的社交聚会人数不得超过2人

为了保护罗克伍德墓园访客的安全: 我们的员工已实行更严格的换班制度. 在清明节期间, 为确保墓园可以继续为您提供公墓服务,新增以下限制条款:

  • 严禁任何动物入墓园
  • 严禁在墓园内使用明火和烧纸盆
  • 严禁携带食物和任何烹饪设备
  • 严禁在墓园内使用彩色/有色纸张和信封