Saturday, February 06, 2016

Why Memorialise?

After the loss of a loved one, many families choose to honour the memory of the individual who has passed. Memorialisation is regarded as a fitting way for family and friends to pay tribute to the life of someone who has gone before them. Memorialisation gives family and friends the opportunity to create an everlasting place where the life and times of the person is celebrated and reflected on.

Memorialisation in the Anglican and General Cemeteries

Throughout the Anglican and General sections of Rookwood, many different forms of memorialisation are permitted. These include bronze/glass plaques for ash remains, family ash memorials and monumental headstones (with or without slab and kerbing) made of granite, sandstone or marble.

What to Keep in Mind

Although it is a difficult time for the loved ones of the individual who has passed, it is beneficial to try and keep the following steps in mind when making decisions about memorialisation:

  • Know your budget and general needs
  • Make an appointment with a stonemason to see your options and photo libraries for designs
  • Choose your monument’s size, style, stone colour, inscription and any accessories
  • Request a quote
  • Read, understand and sign a contract
  • Check inscriptions and designs drafts before construction

Who is Responsible for the Monument once it is Constructed?

Once the monument has been built, you are responsible for the future maintenance and upkeep of your memorial. The Anglican and General Cemetery Trusts cannot be held responsible for the natural depletion of memorial materials, or any naturally inflicted damage done to the monument. If you have any concerns regarding your monument in the future, you will need to contact your stonemason to find out if these concerns are covered under your warranty period.

Who is Permitted to Construct a Monument?

Different cemeteries have different regulations in regards to who is allowed to construct a monument on their site. If you would like to know which stonemasons have approval to construct/restore monuments in the Anglican and General Cemetery sections of Rookwood, please download the list of Approved Masons from the Downloads page. (You will need to Login or Register as a Member to access this page). Please note that to construct a monument, the permission of the registered grave owner must first be obtained.



Friday 5 February 2016

Leslie Francis All Worth
8:00 - Zone B
Section 2

Marjorie Heather Allworth
8:00 - Zone B
Section 2

Emily Merle Suey
10:00 - Zone H
All Souls Chapel

Adrian Chronis
11:30 - Zone A
Monumental Lawn C

Daniel Dagher
13:00 - Zone H
Remembrance Lawn 3

Katherina Xenos
14:00 - Zone A
Monumental Lawn C

Saturday 6 February 2016

Thi Ngoc Bay Dang
12:30 - Zone C
All Souls Chapel

Monday 8 February 2016

Tony Rados
11:00 - Zone A
Syrian Orthodox 5F

Michael Theodore Ganin
12:00 - Zone F
Russian Orthodox M

George Filippou
12:30 - Zone F