John Fairfax

With over one million burials Rookwood is the world's largest Victorian cemetery. It services over 90 different religious and cultural denominations, making is truly representative of Sydney's diversity. Over the years many famous, and sometimes infamous, people have been interred at Rookwood and this series of short bio films - titled 'Rookwood Notables' - shows four fascinating aspects of Sydney life through the stories of John Fairfax, David Jones & Anthony Hordern, Roye Rene and Mei Quong Tart.

Pioneer newspaper publisher John Fairfax – who purchased the Sydney Herald, later to be renamed the Sydney Morning Herald – is a story of enterprise and determination. Fairfax emigrated from England in 1838 with five pounds in his pocket… it’s safe to say he spent it wisely!

Film devised and produced by Warren Fahey and Mic Gruchy.