Memorial Gardens and Niche Walls

We help our clients to celebrate the life and memories of a loved one by providing a range of unique memorialisation options, including beautiful rose gardens and traditional niche walls.

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Harmony Rose Garden

Rookwood's new Harmony Rose Garden has been established to provide families with a serene location for a cremation memorial. Characterised by its beautifully manicured white roses, the Harmony Rose Garden offers memorialisation locations in the lawn surrounding roses and within the historic walls that encircle the garden. Both locations allow for a traditional bronze plaque for a personalised message.

Chapel Rose Gardens

Our Chapel Rose Gardens are located next to the historic All Souls Chapel, nestled amongst the beautiful headstones within Rookwood’s old Anglican area.  These magnificent gardens offer memorialisation locations directly beneath the roses, with granite markers available for creating a lasting message for a loved one.

Niche Walls

There are a number of unique niche walls available throughout Rookwood Cemetery, offering an array of choices to suit individual preferences. Many of these areas, some historic, have been restored by a qualified team.



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