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Industry Stakeholder Engagement

In order to provide unique, culturally sensitive services, we see our relationship with industry stakeholders as a vital part of our business.

At Rookwood General Cemetery we have developed an industry stakeholder engagement program that enables us to foster positive relationships with the key groups that we work with on a daily basis.  This strategy include communications and events with funeral directors, stonemasons, government and all of the various religious and cultural groups that use Rookwood Cemetery. We are also engaging with other cemeteries throughout Australia and at an international level.

Engagement with Funeral Directors

Our engagement with Funeral Directors enables us to better meet the needs of our bereaved families. Through ongoing engagement with this group we able to provide our customers with a positive experience as they face the difficult task of farewelling a loved one.

Engagement with Stonemasons

Whilst we do offer a stonemasonry service, we also welcome all compliant stonemasons to work at Rookwood. Our engagement with this group aims to assist stonemasons in meeting the legislative requirements that they must adhere to in order to ensure quality craftsmanship throughout our cemetery.

Engagement with Religious and Cultural Groups

Rookwood General Cemetery caters for over 90 religious and cultural groups, each with different needs when it comes to the interment and memorialisation of loved ones. Progressive engagement with these groups has highlighted a legacy of frustration sometimes going back 20+ years. Addressing some of these frustrations is not a simple task, however our strategy continues to address denominational concerns and overall ensure equity for our customers.  

Engagement with Government

Our engagement with government has enabled us to establish positive relationships with the Department of Primary Industries and the new cemetery agency, Cemeteries and Crematoria NSW. Our aim is to provide quality educational advice and assist in setting high standards within the NSW cemetery industry. We are also building solid working relationships with local councils, including Auburn and Strathfield, to ensure collaboration at a local Government level. 

Cemetery Engagement

Rookwood General Cemetery has had the opportunity to work with other Australian cemeteries, particularly those that share our objective of creating a more efficient and effective cemetery industry. Furthermore, in an effort to set international benchmarks we have established a partnership with the Woodlawn Memorial Park in Canada.