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Public Stakeholder Engagement

Through public and commemorative events we are able to share Rookwood Cemetery with the broader community.

Rookwood Cemetery is one of the most historic and culturally significant sites in Australia. To enable the community to experience all of this we have established a public stakeholder engagement program that invites the public to explore our beautiful cemetery.

We run a number of events each year that broaden Rookwood’s audience and further engage with the public. Whilst always remaining respectful of their purpose and place, these events aim to remove the misconceptions of cemeteries as dark and forbidding places.  

An example of our public engagement is our signature event, HIDDEN – A Rookwood Sculpture Walk. Hidden steps outside the notion of mainstream sculpture exhibitions, inviting artists to address the themes surrounding the Rookwood site, such as history, culture, remembrance and love. Growing in popularity, thousands of visitors journey to Rookwood each year to experience not only the artworks, but cemetery itself.

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