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Other Cemeteries

We believe strong relationships with other cemeteries, both within Australia and internationally, enable us to better meet the needs of the communities we serve.

In an effort to create a more efficient and effective cemetery industry Rookwood General Cemetery is building relationships with other cemeteries throughout Australia. We have also developed a partnership with Woodlawn Memorial Park in Canada

Like Rookwood Cemetery, Woodlawn Memorial Park is a historic place of great beauty and personal significance to many. Furthermore, RGCRT and the management of Woodlawn share a progressive outlook regarding the future of cemetery management. Each organisation is committed to delivering excellence in the services we offer traditional users. However, we are also striving to ensue long term sustainability by engaging a broader group of people. We are therefore looking at innovative uses of our facilities beyond the traditional notion of how cemeteries are used. 

In partnering with Woodlawn, we are able to pursue cross cemetery projects that focus on business strategies, business continuity planning and cultural collaboration via online forums and special interest groups. We are also able to further develop our employee base by providing exchange opportunities. Overall, our organisation is exposed to fresh ideas that enable us to grow our capability and put us at the forefront of modern cemetery management.

For more information about our partnership wiht Woodlawn Memorial Park and other leading cemeteries, please contact us.