Corporate Governance

The Department of Primary industries has appointed Jason Masters as Administrator of Rookwood General Cemetery. Commenced 1 July 2016 through until advised, Mr. Masters will be responsible for governing the affairs of Rookwood General Cemetery 

This followed the resignation of the Chair and some Board Directors meaning the Board was no longer able to be legally constituted.

The administrator who replaces the Board of the Trust is Mr. Jason Masters. As administrator, Mr Masters will ensure the effective ongoing operations of RGC whilst providing high levels of customer service and the appropriate oversight and adherence to all financial and governance requirements. 

The day to day operations of the cemetery continues to provide the high level of service our communities expect, with the existing staff. 

Jason Masters is an experienced company director and corporate governance advisor with extensive experience relating to procurement, probity and auditing. His experience crosses both the private and public sectors.

In response to the recent independent investigation into Rookwood General Cemetery, which was undertaken by independent consultants on behalf of the Minister for Primary Industries, Rookwood General Cemetery is committed to working with Mr. Masters to address the strategic conclusions and recommendations that have been presented.

For more information, visit the Cemeteries and Crematoria NSW website.


Please Note:

The Land Manager is not ‘in administration’ in relation to its finances. The Land Manager is cash flow positive, investments are stable and the Perpetuity Fund which will maintain the cemetery into the future is prospering.

There are no current financial impediments to the ongoing and normal operations of the organisation.

The administrator is appointed under the Crown Lands Act 1989 to act as a ‘one person Board’ and ensure ongoing governance of the Trust. In effect the administrator is just the same as a Board, except only one person.

The Administrator arrangements only relate to Rookwood General Cemetery. They do not effect Rookwood Necropolis Land Managers or Catholic Metropolitan Cemeteries Land Managers – both of which also play an important role at Rookwood Cemetery.

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Our Corporate Governance

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