Safety Warning

The Rookwood General Cemetery is maintained by the Rookwood General Cemeteries Reserve Trust (RGCRT).  As the Rookwood General Cemetery grounds are a large public open space there may be hazards throughout the grounds including, but not limited to, uneven ground, uneven pavement, slippery surfaces, fallen tree branches etc.  For visitor's safety, please exercise caution while walking throughout the grounds and pay close attention to potential hazards. 

By entering the Rookwood General Cemetery grounds visitors accept the risk of injury and are responsible to ensure their own safety.  RGCRT accepts no liability for any loss, damage or costs relating to any personal injury that occurs within the Rookwood General Cemetery grounds. 

If any visitors become aware of any hazards in the Rookwood General Cemetery grounds, please report it immediately to RGCRT staff on 02 8575 8100.



Hawthorne Ave, Rookwood NSW 2141 (north of Necropolis Drive) 
PO Box 291, Lidcombe, NSW 1825

02 8575 8100


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Sat & Sun: 09:00AM - 15:00PM

Public Holidays: contact office for opening hours 


Summer: 06:00AM - 21:00PM
Winter: 06:00AM - 18:00PM