Burial & Cremation Services

With the vast majority of Sydney’s cultural and religious groups using Rookwood to farewell their loved ones, we provide unique burial services that respect the different beliefs of our clients.

Choosing between a burial and a cremation is a very personal decision that is often influenced by a person’s religious or cultural beliefs. As a result, at Rookwood General Cemetery we offer over 130 culturally specific and non-denominational lawn and monumental grounds that cater for burials and the interment of ashes. We also offer above ground crypts, mausolea, and memorials gardens and niche walls.

To further meet the religious and cultural needs of our families, we customise interment practices to respect different community beliefs.

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For families opting for a traditional in-ground burial, a coffin, casket or shroud can be selected. Depending on the specific lawn or monumental area chosen for your loved one's burial, we offer a range of different burial types. This enables us to meet the religious and cultural needs of the different groups that we work with.



Rookwood’s Mausoleum of Eternal Rest offers families a unique alternative to lawn and monumental burials.  Built with aesthetics, comfort and longevity in mind, this newly refurbished complex provides families with a tranquil, indoor setting, in which to farewell and remember a loved one.

To discuss which options are best for you and your loved one, our caring Client Services team is available to help. Please contact us for a personalised consultation.

Memorial Gardens & Niche Walls

We have a number of memorial options for families opting for cremation, including traditional Niche Walls and beautiful Rose Gardens.  Personalised memorial plaques are available for each of these locations.

For more information, or for a tour of our unique memorial options, contact us.


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