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Rookwood Cemetery is the oldest and most multicultural working cemetery in Australia; and with a total area of 290 hectares it is the largest Victorian Cemetery in the World.   

As custodians of this significant site, we are committed to sharing Rookwood’s historical and cultural significance, with the following short films providing an overview of Rookwood’s development and evolution.


Unofficial WWI Memorials - A Rookwood General Cemetery Project

In recognition of the WW1 centenary, Rookwood General Cemetery embarked on a project to research the servicemen and women memorialised in unofficial war graves throughout Rookwood. Over 1700 unofficial WW1 memorials were identified. This includes memorials of soldiers who died in training, returned service people memorialised in family graves, and symbolic monuments erected by families for soldiers killed or missing in action. For more information, you can watch the video here.


The Mortuary Railway

The mortuary train commenced with the consecration of Haslams Creek Cemetery, with funeral trains originally departing from Sydney’s Central Station No.1.  Later, a separate funeral terminal from the main Central station was built at Regent Street, Redfern, and a similar receiving house was also constructed in the centre of Rookwood.  

For more information on the Mortuary Railway, you can watch a short film here.


150-year History of Rookwood Cemetery

Rookwood is intrinsically linked to our nation’s heritage. Whether it is to remember a loved one, conduct family history research, reflect and learn about our country, or admire the artistic value of the monuments, Rookwood will forever be a significant Australian icon.

For more information on the history of Rookwood Cemetery of the past 150 years, you can watch a short film here.


Development of Rookwood Cemetery

Rookwood Cemetery was consecrated in 1867 after the Sydney colony outgrew its previous cemeteries, located at the site of the current Sydney Town Hall and Central Station.  Originally known as Haslams Creek Cemetery, Rookwood is now the final resting place for over one million people.

For more information on the development of Rookwood Cemetery, you can watch a short film here.


Company Culture

Today, our organisation is built on a passion for excellence. When you work with us, you’ll discover a strong sense of camaraderie and a feeling of belonging, because we listen to and involve all of our people in our vision.

For more of an insight into our company culture, you can watch a short film here.


Rookwood Notables 

Rookwood is home to both the notable and the notorious, from suffragette Louisa Lawson, comedian ‘Roy Rene’, fiery politician ‘Big’ Jack Lang, Sydney Morning Herald founder John Fairfax, and the nineteenth century Chinese businessman Quang Tart, through to convicts and gangsters.

For more information and short films on our notables, you can follow the link here.


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