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Rookwood is a Crown cemetery operating within the NSW cemetery industry, an industry where Crown cemeteries complete with those operated by the private and local government sectors. This brings with it the opportunity for cemeteries to be innovative and flexible when it comes to catering for the community’s needs.  

At Rookwood General Cemetery, we continually strive to meet government and community expectations. We take the time to understand the various stakeholders that exist within in our community and we provide unique services that meet these stakeholder’s needs.

To ensure we continue to meet community needs we have undertaken demographic analyses and identified population trends.  We have found that the Sydney population is increasing at a rapid rate, it is ageing, and it is becoming even more culturally diverse. In accordance with our research, the Sydney Metropolitan Strategy has acknowledged the importance of providing for interment spaces. To that end, our key objective is to reshape Rookwood Cemetery to meet the changing demographics of the Sydney community.

“The ethnological composition of cemetery clientele is changing and Rookwood General Cemetery is committed to providing interment options and choices for the new groups within our community.”
Bob Wilson, Chairman.


About our Community

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Hawthorne Ave, Rookwood NSW 2141 (north of Necropolis Drive) 
PO Box 291, Lidcombe, NSW 1825

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