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Corporate Governance

Rookwood General Cemetery is now Metropolitan Memorial Parks .

On 23 June 2023, NSW Lands and Property Minister, the Honourable Stephen Kamper announced Metropolitan Memorial Parks (MMP) as the name of the newly merged organisation that will manage the future operating model for the Crown land cemetery sector. 

Metropolitan Memorial Parks is a NSW Government entity entrusted to bring together Northern Cemeteries, Rookwood General Cemetery and Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries NSW.          

Minister Kamper has appointed Ken Morrison as the Administrator of Metropolitan Memorial Parks, until such time as a skills-based board is implemented to provide stable leadership, efficient practices and a strategic long-term vision for the future of the industry. 

The Administrator is appointed under the Crown Land Management Act 2016 to act as a ‘one person Board’ and ensure ongoing governance of the Crown land managers.

For more information about our corporate governance, please contact us.