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Monumental Services

Creating an everlasting and unique memorial is one of the most important factors involved in commemorating a loved one.

At Rookwood General Cemetery we understand that choosing a monument or cremation memorial for someone special is a difficult decision. Our families want to ensure the monument they choose reflects their religious and cultural values, whilst at the same time honouring the memory of their loved one.

In addition to our new monumental services, we also specialise in heritage restoration and conservation, with our team working to ensure the longevity of historic monuments, memorials and architecture, both within the grounds and externally to Rookwood.

If you are looking to honour the memory of a loved one, planning ahead for your own memorial, or wanting to restore a significant heritage monument, please contact us to discuss your options.

As we are approaching the end of the year, we would like to advise you of the order closing dates to ensure that your memorial is completed by Christmas 2023.

Inscriptions require signed approval and payment in full by the 20th of October 2023 to ensure completion.

Plaques require signed approval and payment, by the 20th of October 2023 to ensure completion.

Any new orders requiring Granite/stone for pre-Christmas, the date has passed and these will be completed in the new year.

Our suppliers and contractors will be closed for annual maintenance over the Christmas and New Year periods to allow their employees to take some well-deserved leave and to undertake yearly maintenance.