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Planning Ahead

To reduce the burden on family, many people are now opting to plan their own ‘celebration of life’ in advance.

When we pass away one of the many things that our family must face is planning a commemoration of our life. This could include a burial or cremation, and a funeral service.

The truth is, trying to grieve and come to terms with the loss of loved one is hard enough, without having to face the many difficult decisions that come with funeral planning.

That is why many people today are choosing to make their own arrangements.

Making Your Choice

Your choice of funeral service can be influenced by a number of factors. Sometimes it’s a personal preference, sometimes cultural or religious beliefs play a part.

If you are unsure whether any specific requirements can be accommodated, please speak with one of our Sales and Customer Service Representatives or your preferred Funeral Director.

For further information about planning ahead for your funeral, please contact us.