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Managing supply of burial land to meet customer needs

With many Sydney cemeteries beginning to reach capacity in available land, cemetery managers are striving to maximise burial space within their existing grounds. Metropolitan Memorial Parks was established to unite Northern Metropolitan Cemeteries, Rookwood General Cemetery, and Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries, with our remit being to work with the NSW Government to manage the cemetery land issue and meet community demand.

At Metropolitan Memorial Parks, availability of burial allotments across our memorial parks varies, and this is particularly evident within some of our dedicated religious and cultural areas. To address this, where demand is high and availability of allotments is limited, we prioritise those with an immediate need for a burial. This enables us to ensure that during life’s most challenging moments, those in need can be accommodated.

Our commitment to serving the community extends to offering pre-purchase burial allotments where possible. While allotments may not be available for pre-purchase in all areas, families have a range of choices, especially when they are flexible regarding location. As a general guideline, non-denominational areas typically offer more availability.

In our ongoing efforts to address shortage of cemetery land, we are working closely with the NSW Government to identify long-term solutions. This includes, seeking opportunities to acquire suitable land for new cemeteries, maximising the use of remaining land within our existing memorial parks, and exploring cemetery renewal projects.

To enquire about the availability of pre-purchase allotments across our memorial parks, contact us here.

Grounds Maintenance and Projects Update

Our grounds team are dedicated to maintaining our cemetery grounds so they look their best at all times throughout the year. Our maintenance schedule includes year-round tasks such as lawn mowing, brush cutting and removal of weeds, as well as seasonal activities such as pruning and planting. Projects to improve cemetery grounds and infrastructure occur throughout the year.

Your support in maintaining a safe environment at Rookwood General Cemetery is greatly appreciated. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Client Services team at 02 8575 8100.

Current Developments

Muslim 8 Blocks E, and F
There are temporary road closures for Roadworks and Storm Water upgrades between Muslim 8, Blocks E and F in the coming weeks. Access will be managed accordingly.












Muslim 8 Blocks J, F, G and I Section Development

Construction works to extend the Muslim Lawn (section 8) at Rookwood General Cemetery commenced in December 2023, with expected completion in October 2024.

The works includes roadworks, drainage and parking bays and will be delivered over three stages:

  • Stage 1: Block J - expected to be completed by the end of April 2024.
  • Stage 2: Blocks F & G
  • Stage 3:  Block I          


 Muslim_8_Blocks_J_F_G_I 03-2024_2 


Eastern Orthodox 6 Ext – Pathway Safety Program 

Works to replace pathways and install new drainage in Eastern Orthodox 6 Ext section have been completed.

RGC_East_Orth_6_4 RGC_East_Orth_6_5 RGC_East_Orth_6_6    


Whelan Ave Road Narrowing and Burial Extension Project

These works will deliver approximately 400 additional burial sites and include the narrowing of the road at Whelan Avenue and relocation of infrastructure.

The works will be delivered over three stages to enable the development of additional Chinese burial plots:

  • Phase 1 Infrastructure relocation
  • Phase 2 Whelan Avenue road narrowing
  • Phase 3 Chinese burial section development

Whelan_Ave_4 Whelan_Ave_5 Whelan_Ave_6 Whelan_Ave_7