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Stakeholder Engagement

Our Stakeholder Engagement enables us to understand the evolving needs of our industry stakeholders, whilst at the same time inviting our public stakeholders to experience Rookwood’s history and culture.

Following the amalgamation of Rookwood’s former Anglican, General, Independent, Jewish and Muslim Trusts, Rookwood General Cemetery established a strategic stakeholder engagement program to ensure our industry stakeholders were informed and consulted with, as we transformed five Trusts into one medium-sized entity. This program has since progressed and we are now engaging with stakeholders in an effort to understand and meet their diverse needs.

From a public stakeholder perspective we are striving to share Rookwood’s many historical and cultural aspects. We want the community to experience everything Rookwood has to offer, from the extraordinary architecture, historic monuments and culturally significant sculptures, through to the beautiful gardens and the diverse range of typography.

Our strategy aims to detect and adapt to the community, provide opportunities for the community to contribute to the future development of Rookwood, and reduce the fear and anxiety that is often associated with cemeteries.