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Here we answer the questions we're most frequently asked. If your enquiry is not covered within this section, please contact us for more information.

Control, Transfers & Fees

What is an interment right?

An interment right is a contract with a cemetery operator that allows the licence holder to undertake burials in a grave (also called an allotment), including interments in earth, mausoleums, crypts, vaults, columbarium or niche walls. The licence holder of the interment right can decide who can be buried in the allotment. An interment right is an ‘interest’ in land; however, the licence holder does not become the owner of the land. 

What is the difference between a perpetual interment right and a renewable interment right?

A perpetual interment right allows the licence holder to bury human remains in a particular allotment in a cemetery and for those remains to be left undisturbed forever (in perpetuity).
A renewable interment right allows the licence holder to bury human remains in a particular allotment in a cemetery and for those remains to be left undisturbed for a set period. The renewable interment right can be renewed for additional periods up to a maximum of 99 years. If a renewable interment right is not renewed, the grave may be re-used subject to a range of procedures as set out in the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013 which must be followed by cemetery operators.
At this stage, Rookwood General Cemetery only offers interment rights in perpetuity.

What is a Grantee?

The Grantee is the registered holder of the burial right/interment license and has all rights over the allotment (sometimes called a grave). This person will be responsible for future interments, monument matters and maintenance. It is therefore important that the Grantee keeps the contact details we hold for them up to date.

How do you transfer control of an Interment License?

Transfer of Burial/Interment Rights application needs to be completed, lodged and approved with the Rookwood General Cemetery office.

What are the government levy costs, and do they attract GST?

The Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013 states that a service levy is to be paid on all interments. This levy applies to administration of the Act and does not attract GST.

Can you prepay your interment fees?

This fee is payable at the time of an interment.

Why would I need to transfer an Interment Right into my name?

In compliance with the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013, and Crown Lands Act, a "living" Grantee can only make necessary changes to the monument, or sign for further interments.

What information do I need to supply for a transfer?

We require copies of the registered Deceased Grantee's Probated Will or Certified Death Certificate from the Registry of Birth, Deaths and Marriages. Further documentation may also be required.

Who can have an Interment Right transferred to them?

The beneficiaries of the Probated Will or a family member noted on the Certified Death Certificate with the written approval of other family members are eligible. We recommend only one named beneficiary for a license.

Why is it important to keep the Grantee's details for an Interment Right current?

It is important to keep the Grantee's details current as that person's written permission is needed to make any changes necessary to the monument or to request approval for interments.

What happens if it is not transferred?

Without an up-to-date Grantee, no interment or monument work can be completed and the cemetery will not be able to keep interested members of a family up to date with the most current requirements for interments, maintenance, memorials, etc.

Burial Enquiries

How many allotments can a person purchase?

One interment right per allotment is issued and for new coffin allotments, it is one per person.

How many people can control an Interment Right?

For new grave sales, a maximum of two people can own a grave. We recommend only one grantee.

How many years does an Interment Right remain active?

At this stage, all allotments are offered in perpetuity unless otherwise specified.

Can an Interment Right to an allotment be sold?

There are currently two options: 1) it can be refunded, or 2) an application can be made to transfer the Interment Right to another person with signed proof that profit will not be made from the requested transfer.

In a monumental area, does one need to build a monument?

In some areas this is a requirement, but in others it is not. Please contact cemetery staff for clarification or help with selecting a monument.

Can interments fees be prepaid?

Interment fees need to be paid at the time of an interment.

What is the size of an earth burial allotment?

Allotments vary in size depending on location and accommodation needs. Please book an appointment with cemetery staff to view the different areas available.

Can earth burial allotments hold multiple interments?

A: All earth burial allotments have provision for multiple interments as coffins and cremations. Check with cemetery staff for specifics for a particular area.

Is maintenance of memorials and burial sites available?

We offer a Basic Care Program where allotments are tended during the first week of each month (weather permitting). Special care can also be arranged.

Are there payment terms for purchasing an Interment Right?

Allotments must be paid in full within 48 hours, either by credit card, direct deposit, or bank cheque.

How much does a burial allotment cost?

Rookwood General Cemetery has allotments for either burial or cremation available and prices vary across the site. Call to make an appointment to inspect the areas that best suit your expectations.

Ash Internments

Can you inter ashes into a burial allotment?

Yes, ashes can be placed into an earth burial allotment, although we do have specific cremation memorials and gardens available.

How many ash interments can a burial allotment hold?

Generally there is no specific limit, however the size of the memorial will be important to consider so everyone can be remembered with an inscription.

Do you need to be the allotment Grantee to request interment of ashes into a burial allotment?

Rookwood General Cemetery requires the living Grantee to sign and authorise this request. Check with our office for specific requirements.

Do you need to be there when the ashes are being interred?

No, it is at the discretion of family and friends.

Where will the ashes be interred in the allotment?

The Grantee can make a request, however, cemetery staff will need to check the grave before confirmation, and will generally place the ashes in an area that shouldn't need to be disturbed for additional family interments in the future.

What areas does the cemetery have available for placing ashes?

Areas include traditional niche walls, gardens, our all-weather mausoleum and existing burial allotments.

Who needs to request the use of an allotment or arrange an interment?

The current Grantee must make application with the cemetery for any interment or memorial work.

How much does it cost to inter ashes into an earth burial allotment?

Fees range depending on the location. We can clarify the cost that applies for a particular area.

Monuments Enquiries

What happens if my monument needs maintenance, conservation or repairs?

The cemetery is happy to help by examining the damage and responding with a detailed analysis in writing before any necessary repairs are undertaken.

How much does it cost to commission a monument?

Monuments vary in size and materials across many different areas. Please contact our staff to discuss options for memorials and monuments applicable to specific areas. If you prefer you can also contact a qualified Monumental Stonemason who is familiar with our cemetery for a cost estimate.

What steps does the cemetery take to ensure the monument is built correctly?

Applications are made to the cemetery in writing, and if approved each step of the work is monitored to ensure a proper result.

What is the difference between lawn and monumental allotments?

Monuments can only be placed on a beam (where available) when using a lawn allotment, however, on a monumental burial allotment you are able to enclose the allotment. We can help when choosing a moment.

Are there height restrictions for headstones?

Each area has restrictions on height, weight and materials. Please check with our staff for the specifications that apply to a particular area.

Am I able to use my own Monumental Stonemason?

Rookwood General Cemetery has a list of registered Monumental Stonemasons who are compliant and able to work with in the Cemetery grounds, so the Stonemason you use must be on this list. We cannot recommend a particular operator, however we are always available to help with monumental enquiries.

How long should I wait before I commission a monument?

A monument can be commissioned at any time after the purchase of the Interment Right. It can then be inscribed later when the details are known.

What options are available to add inscription details?

If there is no room on the headstone, there may be an option of adding an extra inscription tablet in the same material as the existing stone, sometimes a plaque or vase, although all are dependent on the site and location of the grave. We can assist in advising on the correct option.

What work needs to be conducted to restore a memorial?

This is by application, and an appointment with our office and site inspection is required. We carry out many restorations and conservation to important memorials, big and small.

Why do I need to pay a cemetery permit fee?

The fee will cover the administration and costs associated with the monumental work.

What is the timeframe for completion of memorial works?

Depending on the type of work, on average, inscriptions take between 4 to 8 weeks, with monuments taking approximately 12 weeks. Being outside, work is often weather-dependent.

Who can carry out monumental work in the cemetery?

Due to WHS risks and the safety of the cemetery, all monumental work must be done by a Rookwood General Cemeteries Reserve Land Manager authorised Monumental Stonemason from the cemetery's list (which is available upon request).

Do monuments with kerbing restrict sizes of coffins that can be interred?

Yes, as the width of the monument is a significant determining factor in allowing a coffin to be lowered.

How can I organise for my monument to be cleaned?

Rookwood General Cemetery offers basic and special care packages Speak with our Customer Service team for details.

Inscription Services

What is included in an inscription package?

Our inscription packages are dependent on cemetery section and type. Please contact us for more information. 

What is the time frame for completion of memorial works?

Depending on the type of work, it normally takes between 6-8 weeks from the time the grantee approves the work and weather dependent it is put into place. 

Am I able to use a Monumental Stonemason of my choice?

Any monumental work undertaken at Rookwood can only be completed by an authorised Stonemason from the cemetery's list (available upon request).

Can anyone sign for an inscription?

We require the living Grantee to sign, however, in some circumstances an indemnity form may be utilised. Contact our office to update grantee details.

How long do inscriptions take after payment has been made?

On average, inscriptions take 6-8 weeks. Some work can take longer and is often weather-dependent.

Will I get the original photo back that was supplied for the inscription?

Original copies will not be returned, please provide a copy of the original photograph

How do I know if an inscription is complete?

We will notify the living Grantee by phone or in writing.

Can you make part payments on the inscription fee?

Full payment must be made at the commencement of works.

When can inscription work begin?

Inscription work can begin as soon as the monument is in place and a permit has been approved by Rookwood General Cemetery. The permit will need to be signed by the current grave owner, as a result ownership of the allotment may need to be update before the works are permitted.

Photography Use

Can I use a drone in the cemetery?

The following activities are prohibited within Rookwood General Cemetery (As per section 9.5(2) of the 2016) unless the prior written approval of the Administrator is obtained:

  • Operating any photographic or video device for commercial purposes
  • Flying of drones or similar

Any person who carries out these activities is committing an offence and will be penalised.