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Beit Tephilla

The Beit Tephilla (House of Prayer) is situated in the Jewish section of the cemetery.

Featuring intricate glass lead lights, the doorway displays elemental symbols unique to Judaism. It holds approximately 40 people and offers an alternative to a graveside service.


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Phil Field, Sugarloaf Leadlight Studios, on his inspiration behind the main lead light panel:

“The journey of life ... the design in the foreground could be a country scene of rolling hills or even a seascape giving the feeling of a journey. The sunset signifies the end of a day and the end of a journey. Some may interpret the sunset as sunrise instead, signifying a new day or beginning. The question to ponder is... is this the end of our loved ones journey or the start of a new one for them, one they must start without us?

At the same time, it is an ending for us as our loved one is no longer with us, it is also a new beginning for us, possibly with new responsibilities as head of the family or perhaps as a single person.