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Ceramic Photos

Placing a ceramic photo on the headstone or memorial for your loved one adds a personal touch and creates a place of reflection for friends and relatives.

Your selected image is printed onto a ceramic base using toners containing glass which may result in a slightly different hue from the digital image on your device. The toners used in ceramic printing are not the same as toners used to print photographs as they specifically designed to withstand extreme heat in the kiln which sets the image. The end result is a quality and durable product created to withstand the Australian climate.

Our selection of oval and rectangle shaped photo ceramics offer a perfect complement to your loved one's memorial.

                      size                                 shape                    price
                 3cm x 4cm                                  oval                $155.00
       4cm x 6cm or 5cm x 7cm                                  oval                $280.00
                 6cm x 8cm                                  oval                $340.00
                 7cm x 9cm                           oval/rectangle                $390.00
                 8cm x 10cm                           oval/rectangle                                       $410.00
                 9cm x 12cm                           oval/rectangle                $450.00
               10cm x 13cm                                  oval                $510.00
               11cm x 15cm                           oval/rectangle                $515.00
               13cm x 18cm                           oval/rectangle                $560.00
               18cm x 24cm                           oval/rectangle                $618.00

install existing photo ceramic to headstone



               photo proofs two free complimentary drafts

 additional drafts $70.00




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