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Eternity Gardens

Our Eternity Gardens enable families to be connected forever, with space available for up to four standard size ash containers. Each circular garden is constructed of luxurious Imperial Red Stone with 24-carat gold leaf lettering. These gardens have been traditionally designed to express the rich heritage of the Chinese spirituality and eternal luck. Each ash garden is connected with lucky number 8 to ensure that life continues to flourish now and into the future.

In keeping with a uniform appearance in this section, this package includes the inscription of the surname in Chinese characters on the rear of the headstone in gold leaf lettering, along with a bronze plaque with 6 lines of inscription.  The cost of additional options are listed below

Item Qty Specs (mm) Price ($)
Package inclusions
Imperial red ash memorial 1 - Included
Chinese character surname on the rear of the headstone 1 gold incised Included
Bronze plaque with 6 lines of text 1 200 x 150 Included
Inscription proof 2 - Included
Additional options
Inscription – additional proof 1 - $80.00
Gold incised inscription including chinese characters  1 incised $589.00
Emblem 1 - $171.20
Photo – ceramic with frame 1 60 x 80 $382.00
Photo – ceramic with frame 1 80 x 100 $460.00
Photo - proof 1   $80.00

Gold inscriptions instead of plaques will limit the amount of inscriptions that will fit on the headstone

All prices are correct as of 24th July 2023 and subject to change.  Costs are inclusive of GST.


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