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Chinese Cremation Memorial Gardens

Rookwood Chinese Gardens is comprised of beautiful cultural structures such as the Chinese Pavilion and the Quong Sing Tong Memorial.

We focus on the luxury of our monuments, each consisting of Imperial Red Stone and 24-carat gold leaf lettering. We ritualise Chinese cultural customs of burning drums, incense burning and the spiritual understanding of superstition and Feng Shui.

Eternity Garden

Our Eternity Gardens enable families to be connected forever, with space available for up to four loved ones. Each circular garden is constructed of luxurious Imperial Red Stone with 24-carat gold leaf lettering. These gardens have been traditionally designed to express the rich heritage of the Chinese spirituality and eternal luck. Each ash garden is connected with lucky number 8 to ensure that life continues to flourish now and into the future.

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Imperial Garden Estate

The Imperial Garden Estate offers traditional Chinese headstones constructed of Imperial Red Granite. This is a packaged area and the cost includes granite headstone and slab.

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