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John Lynch - 2nd Prize

John is a retired stonemason and teacher and now carves sculpture in a variety of materials including sandstone, marble, and wood.

John did a stonemason apprenticeship around 1976 -78 with Michael Minturn of C&C Stonecraft at Carlingford. John has worked for Gosford Quarries at Annandale 1978-1979 as a banker-mason where he worked on stones for several restoration projects including Katoomba Courthouse and St Phillips Church in The Rocks.

John was then self-employed working around Sydney before moving to the North Coast at the end of 1980.

About the work

"This work is called ‘Bower-bird Frieze’. It is in high-relief and in an art-deco style. The male bower-birds in the foreground are displaying for the female who is entering the bower in the background. One male bird is jumping and flapping while the other male is showing a berry to the female. The ground is littered with collected pebbles and shells. The composition is symmetrical and balanced with sight lines leading back into the work in a single point perspective."

Progress photos