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Imperial Gardens 2 Ash Estate

Imperial Gardens 2 Ash Estate offers Chinese style monuments for ash interments with space available for up to four standard size ash containers.  There is an option of 4 predesigned headstones to choose from, created to express the rich heritage of the Chinese culture.

When purchased as a package, the plot purchase includes a granite ash monument and the interment fee includes 80 characters in incised gold lettering, an 8x10cm ceramic photo in a gold ivy leaf frame and additional options are listed below. 

Item Qty Specs (mm) Price ($)
Package inclusions
Choice of 4 monument design options 1 - Included
Inscription –  character(gold) 80 incised Included
Ceramic photo with ivy leaf frame 1 80 x 100 Included
Inscription proof 2 - Included
Additional options
Inscription – additional proof 1 - $80.00
Inscription – Chinese characters1 (gold)  1 incised $20.00
Inscription – English characters1 (gold) 1 incised $16.60
Gold family name on rear of headstone 1 gold incised $395.90
Emblem 1 gold incised $171.20
Photo – ceramic with gold frame 1 80 x 100 $460.00
Photo - proof 1   $80.00
Vase  1 300 (h) $385.00
Incense burner  1 - $385.00

1Character count includes letters, numbers and symbols, but not spaces.

All prices are correct as of 24th July 2023 and subject to change. Costs are inclusive of GST.


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