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Other Cemetery Services

Care Options 

Rookwood General Cemetery endeavours to keep Rookwood presentable at all times. We also provide additional care options for families that would like further maintenance carried out on their loved ones’ allotments.

Care options include:

One off Care – For families looking for a one-time clean of a loved one’s monument, we offer a one-off deep-clean of the monument. This service is ideal for anniversaries or special occasions.

Special Care – Incorporates General Grounds and Maintenance, also includes the washing-down of the monument and the removal of acidic bird-droppings and acidic tree/plant substances. This service is carried out twice a month for a period of 12 months. 

Additional Options -

  • Hand cleaning (due to heritage significance)
  • Removal of vegetation
  • Top-up of pebbles/mulch

Please click here to download our Care Options flyer.

Transfer of Ownership

A Grantee is the person who holds the Interment Right (or licence) to an allotment within a cemetery. If the Grantee is deceased, authority needs to be transferred to a living recipient.

It is important to keep all licenses and interment rights up-to-date to comply with legal and operational requirements. When the need arises we can assist within transferring ownership of an interment right.


We understand that sometimes families may wish to repatriate a family member that is currently interred at Rookwood. Likewise, occasionally there are legal reasons that require a deceased to be moved to another location.

As a result, we offer an exhumation service, whereby a grave can be re-opened and the remains removed or transferred to another site. The service can only occur with the approval of the NSW Department of Health.  As a first contact, please engage your preferred Funeral Director who will liaise with us directly.

With a skilled Burial Team onsite that is trained in the area of exhumation, we also offer exhumation services to other cemeteries.

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